Art-center Sun Studio in the Hong Kong

Barbara Kukhno

Director Sun Studio Hong Kong

Unit No.3 on G/F, Westley square, 48 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Unit F, 3/F, Phase 4, Kwun Tong Industrial Center, 436-446 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

The history of creation and development of Sun Studio in Hong Kong is interesting not only because of the fact that it has been opened in one of the largest cities of international trade, but also for its breakthrough on the printing market, based on a precise strategic business approach, as well as hard work and ability to find non-trivial solutions.

Everything has started when Barbara Kukhno, at that time she has already been an experienced entrepreneur and orientalist with economic education, received an interesting offer: to lead a new franchising printing studio Sun Studio in Hong Kong, the network of which has operated successfully all over the world.

Here is what Barbara says: At that time, I sold my successful model business in China, returned to Moscow, and thought about what to do. About Sun Studio business, I have learned by accident. I was very interested in the concept itself, and, after little reflection, I accepted an offer to become a partner and director of this studio in Hong Kong. It was a new stage of my career. My previous experience, education and knowledge of the Chinese language helped me a lot. In early 2011, the studio announced its opening!

The start-up was not so simple. Taking into account the local market specifics, we had to minimize the possibility of errors, and to find new ways of finding the customers other than those, which were used in Russia and other countries.

If in Russian, studios are developed primarily at cost of furniture manufactures - cabinet-type furniture, wardrobes, kitchens, in Hong Kong, we need a special development approach - we need to find large customers at once: architectural and design studios, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels. It gives the advantages of profitable orders, however, it has a downside - such projects, as a rule, are long-lasting, but it is not so good for a new studio- Barbara said.

One of the features of business relationships in Hong Kong is the fact that cold calls do not work here, everything is based on personal communication and good relations with the customers. Thus, it is often personal visits to the company leadership, the invitation for tea to the studio, beautiful presentations of studio services.

However, all the efforts paid back. Nowadays, four years later since opening, the customer base and studio achievements inspire respect of colleagues and envy of competitors.

We cooperate with such well-known brands as Shangri-La Luxury Hotels, Hong Kong Disneyland, Galaxy Macau complex, Hotel Mariott, - Kukhno said, It is cool, that these projects will be realized in other countries, and it gives us more and more orders. Among the competitors, we stand out for our versatility and service quality. Even if we have a higher price for some kinds of printing, but the customer chooses us, as we offer him a service without contractors. It is one of the ways to attract the customers. Our main type of work - printing on glass, wall panels, MDF. 3D printing is actively developing.

Hong Kong Studio is rather popular on printing market. After just a year after the start of our activity, it was awarded with two prizes in the professional sphere: Digital printing on unusual materials and The story of success of the year.

Barbara says if you want to succeed, you need to perform a few rules, but the most important things are hard work and charisma!

It is difficult to disagree with it!

Photo SUN Studio Hong Kong

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