New life to familiar things of your customers

SUN Studio - is the most profitable printing franchise according to Forbes 2014!

Open a new business on the basis of SUN Studio franchise in Russia or any other place in the world! We offer reliable investment in imported equipment for the providing of demanded interior printing services on any materials.
SUN Studio is a brand, recognized in 25 countries, by its first-class business and marketing support, audit and consulting of your future business.

We work for the success of each franchisee!

Initial investment - from 65 000 $
70% of capital investments in high-tech imported equipment
Training, marketing support and more than 20 other free services
Quality business planning

Franchise benefits

Ready-made business with SUN Studio is not just a beautiful plate on the facade of your studio, but also a great number of useful and even vital services, which we provide to our franchisees. We help all our partners and are interested in the success of any studio, regardless the equipment, you have purchased

Franchise helps to avoid mistakes

We help you to save up to 14 500 EURO in the first year because of the correct sales policy and efficient organization of production. Often unexperienced entrepreneurs are taking up the orders that they can not perform on time or do with appropriate quality. As a result, they create a negative reputation of their Company. But everybody knows: 1 dissatisfied customer means 10 lost clients!

Franchisee has what to print!

What you can offer to your client for printing? Being franchisee you can offer a great choice - over 2 000 constantly updated images for any taste. Preparation of such catalogue would cost for the new company more than 4 500 EURO. Minimum price of one high-resolution image is 3 EURO! Moreover, all the images need to be categorized and checked how they will look on the material. Maintaining such set of relevant images also requires additional financial costs.

Franchisee gets catalogues of images for high quality printing!

For now we have 5 types of catalogues: for wardrobes, for kitchen panels, for stained-glass, for wallpapers and stretched ceilings. We provide you with all these catalogues. Creating each of them is estimated between 1 500 22 000 EURO. Even if you have your own designer, he needs 2-3 months to create 1 catalogue, moreover you need to pay salary to him.
We print catalogues for the whole network. The huge print run reduces the cost per unit. On average, SUN Studio needs about 300 different catalogues per year it means that you save about 1 500 EURO. Franchisee can purchase 1 catalogue for average price 3,5 EURO (prices differ depending on concrete catalogue).

Franchise means quality

Franchisees do not have to go through a long and expensive process of experimentation for printing on various materials, the result of which is not guaranteed! We provide you with all the technologies starting from preparation material for printing and finishing post printing treatment. Testing of one printing technology takes minimum of 1-2 weeks. For stable operation SUN Studio needs at least 10 technologies. If to count print operator salary, inks and consumables plus rent price you get the benefit about 4 500 EURO.

Franchise insures design!

The designer can get sick and go to vacation. In such situation you can loose orders or need to overpay for the second designer. But being franchisee you can work with the designer from Head Office of SUN Franchising company remotely. This service costs only 220 EURO monthly and helps you to save minimum 2 600 EURO per year. Moreover, the stable work of Studio and client's loyalty are guaranteed in this case.
Notice, that even if you already have your own designer you still can get support in case of complicated orders from SUN Franchising Companys designers during the whole period of work for free!

Franchising is working under the brand!

How should look business cards, signs of the Studio or company form? Franchisees do not need to answer these questions all the answers you will find in brandbook. If you create it by your own the price can be from 500 to 1 300 Euro!

Franchisee gets website!

Nowdays it is the main way of marketing communication. Via the Internet we not only promote our services, but also sell them. Being franchisee you do not need to create the website you get it for free! Every franchisee has an access to corporate website with the opportunity of administration of the own page. The average cost of similar website can reach more than 13 000 Euro! The support and content of the site costs approximately 2 000 Euro. You save this money working as franchisee without paying any marketing fee!

Franchisee is a professional!

Your business should grow constantly. To do this the staff must be professional. The training course for franchisee provided by SUN Franchising company helps to save about 2 500 EURO. Franchising package includes training course for director, 2 sales managers and print operator. If you need an additional training in future we are ready to provide you with it.

Franchisee saves up on consumables!

Being franchisee you can buy inks and concumables with 20% discount! The studio needs approximately10 liters of ink per month - franchisee receives a savings of about 1 700 EURO per year!

Franchisee knows the best place for business!

Enterpreneurs often change offices at the start-up period because of expensive rent, poor publicity, etc. Franchisee immediately receive concrete advice on the choice of premises. Because of this, you do not need to carry out costly removal and decoration. You save up to 2 500 EURO in the first year the most important period of SUN Studio work.

In addition to the benefits which could be conveyed in monetary value, Sun Studio franchisee receives a number of incountable benefits. But their value is obvious for every businessman.

Read-made business means a quick start!

A self-supporting entrepreneur is looking for opportunities and profitable ways, he makes mistakes to gain experience. The franchisee follows proven directions, has a notion about the opportunities and threats, refers to the experience of all SUN Studio team. The franchisee starts working on 100% at once!

Ready-made business indicates customers!

It is difficult and takes long time to find the first customers. Who are they? How many? How to attract them? The franchisee is armed with recommendations and ready-made business offers. The network provides the franchisee with orders and recommendations how to find new customers.

Ready-made business defines the pricing!

It is difficult to from correct prices in new market of service. A loner spends over a year to work out effective price policy. SUN Studio advises on pricing basing on more than 5 years of experience in study of printing market . So the franchisee is free of loss and customers misunderstanding.

Ready-made business - direct service!

The franchisee is supported by personal SUN Studio coordinator. The coordinator provides the most expeditious processing of all franchisees requests: production, organization, marketing, accounting and finance, legal.

Ready-made business creates partners!

Self-supporting entrepreneur is surrounded by competitors. The franchisee operates within the network of partners. Partners are ready to share their experience and innovations. For this goal, Network arranges a forum and special events like monthly reports and annual conference.

Ready-made business takes advantage of the trade shows!

We believe, exhibition is a key tool of marketing communication. Sun Studio takes part in a large number of specialized exhibitions, where widely advertises its printing services.

Ready-made business-franchisee team working