New life to familiar things of your customers

SUN Studio - is the most profitable printing franchise according to Forbes 2014!

Open a new business on the basis of SUN Studio franchise in Russia or any other place in the world! We offer reliable investment in imported equipment for the providing of demanded interior printing services on any materials.
SUN Studio is a brand, recognized in 25 countries, by it’s first-class business and marketing support, audit and consulting of your future business.

We work for the success of each franchisee!

Initial investment - from 65 000 $
70% of capital investments in high-tech imported equipment
Training, marketing support and more than 20 other free services
Quality business planning

business planning at the highest level

We have been developing our franchise network for 6 years. During this time we opened 130 studios in 25 countries. For this period we have collected a huge amount of statistical data that went into the calculations of SUN Studio business model.

That is why we can be responsible for overall financial performance and average statistics on the work of art SUN Studio.


10 months for sustainability
time to become financially sustainable in SUN Studio network

85,3% of art studios have leveled their income with expenses at already 10 months of work. This allowed the owners to feel comfortable and to increase the growth by attracting additional funds through lending business

Less than 10 months

10 months

More than 10 months

Not paid off/closed


The return on investment in 22 months
the rate of return on investment in network SUN Studio

61,5% of the art studios during their activity, have fully returned their investment in 22 months. However, the cost of the company has increased in several times.

Less than 22 months

22 months

More than 22 months

Did not return investments


Up to 72% of the capital invested are for the equipment

Depending on the type of equipment, in the structure of investment it will take not less than 60% of all investments in the opening of the Sun Studio. This reduces the risk of loss of capital in in the case of a negative outcome, because this equipment is highly demanded in the market and its price is constantly growing.

Business financing

Purchase of equipment

lump-sum payment

Room rental


The Growth of business value by 3.8 times during 5 years

40% of all art studios increased their capital by 3.8 times according to financial analysts activities over the 5 years. Main growth is in the second year of operation. Growth dynamics depends on many factors and hardly could be predicted, but our experts will help you to carefully study the market and make approximate calculations for growth.

The total amount of investments for 2 years

Start: It’s the value of your business at the start of the project, based on the purchased equipment.
2 years: After two years the value of the business will increase in 2 times. The cumulative cost over 5 years.

The total amount of investments for 5 years
5 years: This will be the total cost of your business.